Town of Greenbush Newsletter

OLD HOME WEEKEND                                                                     SEPT. 14, 15, & 16, 2018
SCOTT-SMART FARM                                   Rain or Shine                    Tentative schedule of events being planned
Concession Stand will be open on Friday and Saturday
6:00-8:00 PM Car Show and Concession Stand Opens
7:00-9:00 PM Community DJ Dance

8:00-10:00 AM -- Free Pancake Breakfast at Town Hall
9:00-11:00 AM -- Touch a Truck in School Parking Lot
10:00-11:00 AM -- Bicycle Decorating at Town Hall
11:00 AM -- Bicycle Parade around School Parking Lot

11:00 AM -- Concession Stand Open-family friendly pricing
11:00-2:00 PM -- Pony rides by Triple D Stables
Noon-4:00 PM -- Climbing Wall
Noon -- Kids Activities (includes rock painting, frog game and bounce house)
          -- Adult Activities (16 and older) (includes: pan toss and log toss)
1:00 PM -- Corn hole Tournament (16 and older) pre-registration encouraged
3:00 PM -- ATV & UTV Mud Run (16 and older/all must have helmets)
3:00-5:00 PM -- Darling’s Ice cream Truck

Noon -- Picnic - Bean-hole-beans provided – Grills will be fired up bring your own meats
Noon -- Horseshoe and Cribbage tournament sign up
12:30 PM -- Horseshoe Tournament
1:00 PM -- 8th Grade Brown Bag Auction
1:30 PM -- Cribbage Tournament
2:00 PM -- Kids Pie Eating Contest

Tables are available for vendors – Questions - contact Brandi Moores 827-5301 or Carrie Madden 745-3093


Oct. 20 – Hunter’s Breakfast at the Town Hall on Youth - Deer Hunting Day

NOTICE OF IMPENDING TAX LIEN notices for the unpaid amount of 2017-2018 property taxes will be sent out soon. To avoid a lien being put on your property, you will have until the end of August to bring your account up to date.

You can expect the new 2018-2019 tax bills to arrive in your mailbox sometime in October! Interest is charged on tax bills not paid in full by December 31, 2018. If you mail your tax payment AFTER December 31st you will need to contact the town office for the interest amounts that have accrued. Partial payments on all tax accounts are accepted. Paying a little every month should help taxpayers keep accounts up to date. Please include a self-addressed-stamped envelope if you want your tax receipt mailed back to you.

TAX-ACQUIRED PROPERTIES WILL BE SOLD! There will be tax-acquired properties sold soon after August 29, 2018. Keep an eye on the Penobscot Times or the Town’s website for a listing of those properties. People interested in bidding on these properties may contact the Town Office for instructions.
Trash disposal                                      Curbside Pick-up: Fridays, please have your household trash out by 7 AM
Transfer station/landfill facility is open Saturday’s 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM through October 27, 2018. Landfill stickers are required and may be purchased at a cost of $2 each at either the Town Office or the Landfill. Household trash/garbage cannot be disposed of at the landfill. Please separate your items to discard: metals; burnable wood; demolition debris; etc.
E-waste can now be disposed at the landfill on Saturdays until October 27, 2018. The Town will not longer accept disassembled televisions.

Help Fix ME is open. Contact Help Fix ME: 1-800-367-1317
Remember, this spay/neuter program is for low-income* households only. The portion you pay for a cat is $10 and $20 for a dog. If you truly cannot afford the co-pay, it is possible for this co-pay to be waived if having to pay the co-pay means you would not be able to afford the surgery. The goal of the program is to reduce shelter intakes and euthanasia. This is why the program is restricted to cats and mostly pit bulls and pit bull mixes --these are the animals filling our shelters.

* You will qualify for Help Fix ME if you are a Maine resident and receive: food stamps, TANF, Maine Care (some exceptions), SSI or SSD and/or have an income below 133% of the federal poverty level (you do not have to be receiving any government assistance).

Helen S Dunn School News
Dear Families,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at the Helen S. Dunn School! With the recent “back-to-school” ads, we’re reminded that August 29th, our first day of school, is quickly approaching and we can anticipate a new school year, full of new possibilities and opportunities to learn. If possible, please stop by for our “Sneak Peek” on August 28th between 1:00 -2:00 so you can see your child’s classroom and drop off any school supplies.

As always, we’re looking forward to working with you, our staff, and the entire Greenbush Community to ensure that your child grows and develops as a learner and as an individual who possesses their own talents and interests.

As you know, we have an extraordinary staff here at the Helen S. Dunn School. Our classroom teachers have been in regularly to prepare their classrooms and create lesson plans to entice every student into a joy of learning. Each classroom shows a love of learning that each of our teachers holds dear, and we know that your child(ren) will benefit from the instruction of these highly skilled and dedicated professionals. If you haven't met our teachers or specialists yet, we'd like to introduce…

Pre-K: Mrs. Darlene Ploch
Kindergarten: Ms. Suzanne Morton
Grade 1: Mrs. Ann Bean
Grade 2: Ms. Kasey Watson
Grade 3: Mrs. Taylor Byers
Grade 4: Mrs. Abbie Whittier
Grade 5: Mrs. Gail Madden
Grade 6: Ms. Sadie Ferguson
Grade 7: Mrs. Sidsel Michaud
Grade 8: Mr. Ethan Welch

Title 1 Teacher: Miss Judy Gould
Art, Library & Tech: Mr. Josh O’Keefe
Music: Mr. Tom Bennett
P.E., Technology Director & Athletic Director: Mr. Alan Brownewell
Guidance: Mrs. Megan Cornwell
Nurse: Ms. Leslie Peterson

Special Education: Mrs. Lori Webber, Mrs. Donna James, & Mrs. Lindsey Bousquet
School Psychologist: Dr. Rob Zakrzewski, a.k.a. Dr. Z
OT: Mrs. Robin Fuggazi
Speech: Mrs. Andrea Ashley
Business Manager: Mrs. Kelly Theriault

Mrs. Ella Smart and Ms. Melissa Morgan have done another outstanding job of cleaning and preparing the school. What a welcoming learning environment for all our Pre-K through Grade 8 students! We’re extremely grateful for the pride and care exhibited by our custodians, which shows throughout the school.

Our tremendous support staff will be in soon, working to get all areas of our school day up and running. We are very fortunate to have Mrs. Barbara Ouellette, Administrative Assistant and Mrs. Amy Bickford, our Special Education secretary, on board and we welcome back our Educational Technicians who support learning throughout the school. Thank you to the PTO, families and community members who so willingly work on behalf of our students!

Once school gets underway, you’ll also be hearing from our kitchen cooks, Mrs. Peggy Sanborn and Ms. Bonnie Wallace, about the excellent menu choices they will create for your child if they choose to have breakfast and/or lunch prepared at school.

I can’t say enough about Mrs. Barbara Ouellette and Mrs. Amy Bickford. They have been outrageously helpful, as we have set about planning and organizing for the opening of the 2018-2019 school year. Barbara and Amy are a ray of sunshine for your children who will see them here at school each day.

I’m excited about all that this new school year will bring... new faces, new learning, new friendships, and new beginnings. I wish you all a joyous and productive school year.

Mrs. Gwen Smith, Superintendent & Principal
Mrs. Lori Webber, Special Education Director


As we turn our calendars toward September, fall activities are again around the corner. This includes the start of snowmobile meetings. Our meetings are held on the first Saturday of each month at the Clubhouse on the Greenfield Road. Election of officers will be done at that time. Please continue to be respectful of any landowner and their property that you cross, either on ATV or snowmobile. This is important to all who use the woods trails, roads and access points. Any questions – call 827-1421 – Resa Crosby, Secretary or Trail master Laurence Crosby. Thank you for joining our club and becoming a member.


Do you want to help Greenbush residents and do you offer plowing or sanding services? Anyone interested who would like to have your name and telephone number placed on a list for the upcoming winter season here at the Town Office, please call and we will provide your contact information to anyone who is looking for these services.


The 2019 Dog Licenses will be available around November 1st. Come to the Town Office and make sure to register your dog. Rest assured that if your dog is registered and gets loose, then it will be easier to find you, the owner, and get your dog returned before any tragedy strikes. The State legislature has approved two new categories for dog licensing, the Dangerous Dog category and the Nuisance Dog category. If a court has deemed a dog dangerous after August 1, 2018, the owner will pay a $100.00 license fee. If a dog is declared a nuisance dog by the court after August 1, 2018, the owner will pay a $30.00 license fee.


As a resident of Greenbush, you may want to have the newsletter mailed to you. For anyone who still wants to get a printed copy contact the Town Office and place your name on the mailing list for future issues. The Town’s website has the most current newsletter information for those of you who have Internet access. The newsletter is also available at the Town Office or at Applebee’s.


Our cemeteries should be a place of respect and remembrance for all our loved ones who have passed. To make sure that we all do our part, please take care of all cemetery flowers by taking them with you when they don’t look as nice any longer. Don’t throw old flowers on abutting land. The Sexton must approve all headstones and other markers before they are placed. Please contact the Town Office for any permits or questions.

PO BOX 230  GREENBUSH, ME  04418                HOURS:  MON & THURS    12:00 NOON - 6:30 PM
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