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       OLD HOME WEEKEND                               SEPT. 15, 16 & 17, 2017
                                         SCOTT-SMART FARM
                                                                                                            Rain or Shine
                                                                              Tentative schedule of events being planned

6:00-9:00 PM Community Dance – Concession Stand Open

10:00 AM Parade on Military Road (line up 9:00 AM)
10:30 AM Car Show in Helen S Dunn School parking lot

Scott-Smart Farm
11:00 AM Concession Stand Open at the Scott-Smart Farm
Noon: Kids Games (includes: Redneck Olympics, limbo, hoop toss, tire roll, kids crafts, and face painting Adult Games (includes: pan toss, fishing, and log toss)
4:00 PM – ATV & UTV Mud Run

Noon: Picnic - Bean-hole-beans
1:00 PM Cribbage tournament and Horseshoe tournament and Pie Eating Contest
1:00 PM Kids Bike Race (bring your own helmet to participate!)
2:00 PM Brown Bag Auction by 8th grade
                                                               DON’T MISS THIS FUN FAMILY EVENT!!

              Watch for more information on the upcoming annual events sponsored by the Recreation Board.
                           Oct. 21st – Hunter’s Breakfast at the Town Hall on Youth Deer Hunting Day


Town of Greenbush Newsletter May 2017 Volume 121

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              TOWN MANAGER: JERRY DAVIS             


                Congratulations to Beryl McLaughlin
                      Recipient or the Boston Post Cane, March 16, 2017

      Beryl was born April 24, 1925 in LaGrange, Maine the 4th child of Charles & Frances (Hanscom) Cowing. She attended LaGrange schools receiving her high school diploma there.
      Early in the 1940’s the McLaughlin family moved in next door. Beryl’s younger sister, Ivis, became fast friends with Laura McLaughlin. The two young teens soon hatched a plan telling Laura’s brother, Clifford that Beryl wanted to meet him. On Christmas Eve 1942 Clifford McLaughlin, on leave from the Army knocked on the Cowing’s door. When 16 year-old Beryl answered the door he said, “I heard that you wanted to meet me.” Despite her embarrassment from their young sisters’ prank, Beryl and Clifford struck up a friendship and began corresponding.
      In January 1943 Beryl joined her older sister, Ada, in Washington, DC. She soon found a job as a statistician for the War Production Board learning the process through on-the-job training on adding machines and calculators. At first she used streetcars to and from work until she learned the bus route was quicker. Since she was often the first one at work, she was soon trusted with keys to open up the office before others arrived.
      Memories of her time spent in Washington included a girls’ night out to the movies with Ada and a couple of girlfriends. After the movie they headed across the street for a bite to eat when the air raid alarm sounded. They ducked into a doorway until it was over then went home rather than the restaurant. She especially enjoyed viewing the beautiful cherry blossoms in the spring.
      The McLaughlins were married May 16, 1945 in the home of a Methodist minister in Lincoln, Maine. Cliff returned to Delaware to finish his service and Beryl to D.C. After his discharge in September of 1945 they spent a short time in Medway, Massachusetts with Cliff’s sister and her husband on their dairy farm. Cliff and Beryl stayed there until their son Richard was 3-months old before moving back to Maine joining Cliff’s family in Enfield. Cliff went to work in a pulp mill and became friends with co-worker, Ronald Murphy from Olamon. Knowing that Cliff was searching for a home for his family, Mr. Murphy informed him of a house in Olamon. It wasn’t long before Cliff and Beryl with their small family relocated to the section of Greenbush called Olamon.
      After the move to Maine, Beryl concentrated on the job of homemaker, wife and mother. Her kids’ friends were frequent and welcome visitors. As one young boy told her, “I’m sure glad you don’t work, because you make really good homemade cookies!” She was a member of the PTA often being asked to make her lemon pies for the fund raising suppers. She assisted the school nurse when the students were given immunization shots.
      Beryl is, and has been, a faithful member of Olamon Bible Church. In years past she assisted with Bible School helping to set out snacks.
In the 1970’s Beryl was called for Grand Jury duty being appointed secretary of the group.
      Beryl and Clifford McLaughlin had six children: Richard, Linda, Robert, Betty, Reginald, and Laura. There are now 7 granddaughters and 3 grandsons; 18 great-grandsons and 4 great-granddaughters; and one great-great-grandson.
      When asked her secret contributing to her longevity she replied, “It must be genetic. Mother lived to be 103, Dad 93 and his sister 98.
      May you enjoy many more years gracing us with your loving warmth, beautiful smile and many of your eventful and interesting life’s stories.
The Town’s Gold Post Cane had been formerly awarded to 98 year-old Vivian Ketch.

     The City of Old Town Housing Authority is offering a free program to assist the elderly and disabled to stay in their homes. This program will assist the elderly and disabled in making high quality home safety improvements. These improvements include: smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, dryer vents, and clearing exits. Improvements could also include adding grab bars, shower seats, raised toilet seats, faucet levers, drawer pulls, handrail installation, doorknob changes and repairs to floors, gutters, storm/screen doors, and existing ramps. You may qualify if you are: age 60 or older or have a disability; own your own home or live in a home owned by someone in your family; live in Greenbush, and have an annual income under $34,100 for one; $38,950 for two; $43,800 for three, etc. Please call the Housing Authority of the City of Old Town at 827-6151 to sign up. The application can be done over the telephone.

      The Town of Greenbush has recently foreclosed on real estate accounts that have not paid the 2015 tax liens. The Town will be following a procedure where the previous owner(s) of the real estate will be contacted in writing to give them one more opportunity to purchase the property back. This buy back option will be open for a period of time that will require the homeowner to pay all back taxes in full. In most cases that will mean paying three year’s worth of taxes. The Town Manager has visited, in person, most of these taxpayers so you should all be aware if you are in jeopardy of losing your property. When you get your letter and you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Town Office.
      If the property owner does not pay the taxes in full within that time period, then the Town will be forced to sell those properties. That tax property sale will occur with the Town advertising these properties in the newspaper and on our website with a sealed bid process. If you are interested in bidding on any of these properties, please call the Town Office and give Gilberte Mayo your name, address and telephone number so that you can be placed on the list to get the information.
      The Town has to follow through with selling tax acquired properties so that all taxpayers are paying their fair share and the Town can keep the tax rate steady for all taxpayers.
Although the deadline for nomination papers has passed, you can still run as a write-in candidate.

             The following seats are coming up for elections in June:
Board of Selectmen – 1 seat 3-year term.
School Committee – 1 seat for 2-year term            2 seats for 3-year terms.

Only 2 people have taken out nomination papers. Pamela Carmichael is running for re-election to the Board of Selectmen. Kimberly McCrum is running for a 3-year term school board seat.
                       Elections will be held in the Town Hall June 13, 2017 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
                           Town Meeting will be held June 8, 2017 7:00 PM in the Town Hall.

Town Reports should be available later this month. You can find them at the Town Office, Applebee’s Superette, Ketch’s Olamon Cash Market, Small Town Farm & Feed and at Town Meeting
               The Greenbush Landfill we be open Saturdays only beginning May 6, 2017 7:30-4:30.

      Stickers are available for $2 each (replacement stickers $5 each) at the Town Office as well as at the landfill. Please separate white goods/appliances and metals; burnable material such brush and non-treated lumber; demolition and construction debris; rugs, mattresses & furniture; and universal waste. E-waste, only, may be brought to the landfill or to the town office during regular business hours. Stop to check with the attendant when you arrive for instructions on where to deposit your discarded items. Items containing freon have a fee of $15 each.
       Household trash MUST be put out for curbside pickup on Fridays. Please have your trash put out by 7:00 AM to insure it’s there when the truck drives through. Thank You
                                                                       Greenbush Fire Department

     Seconds count especially when it comes to saving lives, homes, property and forests. Using highly visible reflective address signs or even reflective numbers on mailboxes really makes a difference in response times during emergency situations. The green address signs can be ordered at the town office at a reasonable cost. Visibility is key when rushing to answer a call. Please make sure your residence is clearly marked and visible from the road to assist emergency personnel.
                        Thank you,                                              FREE FISHING DAYS: June 3 & 4, 2017 on these days,
              Local Business Owners                                 any person (except for those whose license has been
             for faithfully sponsoring                                  suspended or revoked) may fish without a license.
               the town Newsletters.                                  All other laws and restrictions apply on these days.

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          Septic Systems      Spring/Fall Cleanup                                             Blue Seal & Poulin Products
              We do it all no job too big or small.                                   Seedlings   Grow Supplies  & Produce coming
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                                                                                                                          Friendly service and smiles are free!
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         CARDVILLE REDEMPTION CENTER                                                                    SMART DOGS
                                                                                                                          Dog Boarding, Walking, Transport and
                      646 Cardville Road                                                                               At Home Feeding & Care
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            Open Wed - Sat    8AM to 4PM                                                                                 207-447-1977

                                                    T SMITH & SONS PLUMBING & HEATING CO
                                                           P.O. Box 135 Greenbush, ME  04418
                                                               Phone: 827-5919  Fax: 827-2900
                                            Plumbing & heating installs or repairs, with fast, friendly
                                             service, at reasonable prices.  Fully licensed & insured
                                                        We accept Visa, Discover, and MasterCard

       Town of Greenbush Newsletter       February 2017         Volume 120
                  P.O. BOX 230 GREENBUSH ME 04418                               HOURS: MON & THUR 12:00 – 6:30
                  PHONE: 826-2050 FAX: 826-2190                                                        TUES WED FRI 8:30 – 4:30
                                    TOWN MANAGER: JERRY DAVIS EMAIL:

The Boston Post Cane originated in 1909 in hopes of increasing readership of the Boston Post newspaper. Town officials were given the task of searching out the oldest resident to receive the cane as a sign of respect. Many towns lost their canes through the years. Greenbush is fortunate to still have the original cane that is displayed in the conference room. A new cane was made a few years ago to carry on this time-honored tradition and to celebrate the longevity of our oldest citizens.
    Please assist us in our current search for the oldest living citizen in Greenbush. If you or someone you know was born prior to 1928 please contact the Town Office by February 10, 2017.

The Town will be mailing the annual foreclosure notices for the 2015 tax liens that are still outstanding on January 24, 2017. The notices state the 2015 tax liens will need to be paid before March 7, 2017 to avoid losing your property to the Town for non-payment of taxes. Taxpayers should take heed and respond immediately to these notices. Mortgage holders and other lien holders will also be given notice that they could lose their rights of redemption as the Town’s tax lien, by law, supercedes any other lien including the mortgage holder’s lien. Questions can be directed to Gilberte Mayo, Deputy Treasurer regarding these notices by calling the Town Office at 207-826-2050.

The Town Broadband team has had its first meeting. We met on January 9, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. Our committee members are: Mike Williams, Ethan Grant, Allen Brownewell, Pamela Carmichael, Danielle Cook, Burnette and Evelyn Bax. The first meeting was to get everyone up-to-date on the grant award, goals and objectives of the grant, and what the next steps will be. The team determined that the best time for the committee meetings would be Monday afternoons at 4:30 p.m. This meeting time will be accommodated as much as possible. Committee members were enthusiastic about receiving the grant and what it could mean for Greenbush going forward. Our next meeting will be scheduled so committee members can meet with current Internet providers and determine where their service currently reaches and what the potential is for future expansion. The committee approved the wording for two surveys for mailing to residents and business owners to determine the current usage of Internet and what people might be interested in the future. Anyone interested in receiving the agenda or minutes or to attend any of our meetings, please contact Gilberte Mayo at the Town Office – 826-2050. Surveys will also be available at area convenience stores for pickup. Please return completed surveys to the Town Office.

Fire Department News
   The Fire Department ended last year with 130 emergency responses. This was the busiest year on record for us. The call breakdown was 81 medical calls, and 49 fire calls. 2017 has also started off very busy, including our first Carbon Monoxide call. A home detector alerted the homeowner that there was a problem; this once again proved that detectors save lives. The fire department has also started a Facebook page to share information and fire prevention tips. Test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors monthly, and change your batteries when you change your clocks.
    Shovel Your Doorways and Walkways
As snow finally arrives just a little reminder please shovel your walkways and steps. We tend to find that some residences only shovel the walkway they use and leave the others covered in snow. It has been especially bad this year with the ice buildup. In home fire safety it is always good to have two ways out of your house just in case the first is blocked by fire. That second entrance may also be the preferred entrance for an ambulance stretcher in time of a medical emergency. Help us help you by keeping all entrances clear of snow and ice.
Fire Safety
    Unfortunately this is the time of year we see a lot of fires due to the heating season. We encourage prevention with all of your heating sources, however that does not always prevent a fire from happening. Have and practice a home escape plan, especially if you have children. Also check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors monthly and change your batteries regularly

Nomination papers will be available starting March 20, 2017 for anyone interested in running for one of the following board seats:
Board of Selectmen – 1 seat 3-year term
School Committee – 1 seat for 2-year term 2 seats for 3-year terms
You must obtain signatures of at least 25 but not more than 100 people who are registered to vote in Greenbush to be put on the June ballot.
All nomination papers must be turned in no later then 4:30 PM April 28, 2017.

Elections will be held in the Town Hall June 13, 2017 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

     Town officials have worked with railroad company officials recently to fix the problems at both crossings on the Military Road. What needs to be stressed here is that the railroad company is ultimately responsible for any work that happens inside the railroad crossing and any work that is located within 18 inches on either side of the entire railroad line.
      Town officials were able to schedule the most recent repair work with the railroad officials based on the railroad officials’ schedule. The railroad company officials must complete the work and the scheduling. Town officials can only assist when called upon and when approved by the railroad. The most recent work was a joint effort with the Town providing the materials and some of the labor, while the railroad officials supervised and directed the work on site.
      Your patience and consideration are greatly appreciated and Town officials will continue to work with railroad officials to schedule any work needed to bring the railroad crossings up to a good standard in the future.
If you have specific questions, please contact the Town Office at 826-2050.

Dog Licenses were due for renewal as of January 31st. All dogs need to be licensed upon reaching the age of 6 months in the town where it resides, or after the dog has been with the family for 10 days, if adopted. Licenses cost: $6 for dogs that have been spayed/neutered if not the cost is $11 whether this is the first time to be licensed or a license renewal. Late fees scheduled to begin February 1st by the State are an additional $25, which will be waived here until February 10th. Please be sure to bring in proof of current rabies vaccine as well as spay/neuter certificate at time of licensing.
HELP FIX ME Maine’s Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program. 1-800-367-1317 or (207) 287-7621
The Town Office only accepts payment in the form of cash, check or money order.

Double click here to “O’ LONG MAY IT WAVE”
Thanks to some very devoted citizens, the Greenbush Flag Project is one of the annual events that many look forward to seeing each spring through fall. Thank you to Kurt & Jacob Adams for assisting Brent Haverlock for their energy and time devoted to hanging the flags. Donations by Mr. Haverlock have made this project successful year after year.
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