Greenbush has seven cemeteries located throughout town.  The major cemeteries are: Greenbush Cemetery  on Main Road; Cardville Cemetery on Cards Ridge Road; Scott's Corner Cemetery on East Ridge Road and Weld Cemetery on Military Road.  The other cemeteries are much smaller, private ones: Merrill Family Cemetery on Military Road; Glidden Family Cemetery off Cardville Road; and Freese Family Cemetery on Main Road.  The Freese Family lived just across the Milford Town Line.  The cemetery is no longer in evidence but several people remember its existence.

There has been a cemetery policy in place for quite some time with the most recent revisions taking place in 2005.  The Town maintains the upkeep of the four major cemeteries and requests lot owners to please do their best to respect the cemetery policy and the rights of other lot owners while remembering and honoring lost family members.  Anyone with any questions pertaining to the cemeteries or interested in purchasing a cemetery lot should contact the Town Office.

                                               Below is an interesting bit of Town history.