photo courtesy of Don Burr
To obtain burn permits please contact Town Fire Wardens:

Edward Haverlock 826-2202
Dana McLaughlin  735-6647

Please carefully follow all instructions given to you by the Fire Wardens .  You are responsible if your fire gets out of control and you CAN be charged with suppression costs. 
The truck pictured above was purchased new after being approved by Greenbush citizens.  This state of the art truck is a 2007 E-ONE Class A CAFS (compressed air foam system) 1000-gallon pumper added to our fire department's equipment just before Christmas of 2007.  The fire department members are especially proud of this acquisition and its potential for multiple uses.  It has proven to be a great advantage at fires enabling one firefighter to multitask the operations of the top mounted pump with all necessary equipment at his/her fingertips.  One of its biggest attributes, other than the highly praised compressed air foam system, is the abundance of storage room allowing for growth for new supplies and various firefighting needs.  This truck is housed at the James Haverlock Station in the southern end of town.

In 2010 the department again upgraded our equipment when it acquired a truck from Milford.  This truck is housed in the Glenwood Sherman SR. station in the northern end of town.
The Greenbush Fire Department is comprised of dedicated volunteers who take their responsibilities and training seriously.  Chief Burr and Assistant Chief James Smith do their best to help their department members stay current on all aspects of firefighter training and mandatory medical requirements.   

Anyone interested in joining the Greenbush Fire Department must be at least 18 years old; in good health; able to pass a respiratory physical; have a good attitude; be willing to take the Fire Fighter 1 course and attend monthly In-house training and business meetings.  Contact Chief Burr for details if you have any questions.
Fire Chief:  Donald Burr                           Assistant Fire Chief: James Smith
Greenbush has an ISO Rating of Class 9.  Your homeowners policy may request this rating to formulate your insurance rates.