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New Plumbing permit fees

Municipal & LURC Plumbing Fees Schedule
Permits for complete disposal system & variances
Engineered system $200.00
Non-engineered system $265.00
Primitive system (includes one alternative toilet) $100.00
Separate gray waste disposal field $ 35.00
Seasonal conversion permit $ 50.00
First-Time System Variance $ 20.00

Permits for separate parts of disposal system
Alternative toilet (only) $ 50.00
Disposal field only (engineered system) $150.00
Disposal field only (non-engineered) $150.00
Treatment tank only (non-engineered) $150.00
Treatment tank (engineered system) $ 80.00
Holding tank $100.00
Other components (complete pump station, piping, other) $ 30.00

Permit fees for Internal Plumbing
Minimum fee includes up to four fixtures $40.00
Individual fixtures each -above four total $10.00
Hook up to public sewer $10.00
Hook up to existing subsurface system $10.00
Piping relocation with no new fixtures $10.00
Permit transfer $10.00

**Late permit fee: A person who starts construction without first obtaining a disposal system permit must pay double the permit fee indicated in the Table above.