To learn more about the Greenbush school system, please follow this link to the Helen S. Dunn School's website.
A 5-member School Board with a Principal/Superintendent services our local school system. Greenbush provides our children's educational needs locally from pre K – 8th grade at Helen S. Dunn School. High school students have the opportunity to select which area high school they would like to attend with the Town paying the tuition. Some towns such as Old Town, Orono, Howland and Lee Academy provide transportation to their high schools.  However if a student chooses to go to a school that does not provide transportation, it is the responsibility of the student and his/her parents/guardians to provide that transportation.
129 Military Road
Greenbush, Maine 04418

Phone:   826-2000
Fax:        826-2001
School Committee Members

Michael Williams                          Kimberly McCrum
Audrey Wood                               Matthew Speed
                            Heather Patten