Greenbush Transfer Station/CDD Landfill/UW and E-Waste
                           Greenbush Transfer Station/CDD Landfill/UW and E-Waste 

• A Compost Pad has been added to the Transfer Station Facility for NON-garbage compost material; such as, yard leaves, grass, and more.

Tipping and Permit Fees:
• Beginning this year the only tipping fee charged will be for units containing Freon gas; such as, air conditioners and refrigerators at $15/unit unless unit has a sticker stating “Freon free” by a licensed remover.
• Transfer Station/CDD Landfill Facility permits will be issued at $2 per sticker up to 2 stickers maximum per Greenbush dwelling lot or household.

Please remember that the Transfer Station/CDD Landfill Facility CAN NOT accept household garbage. If you have questions on what waste types are acceptable including UW and E-Waste or have a large volume of CCD waste please check with the Town Office or Facility Manager prior to bringing the waste for disposal or recycling.

Please separate your items for disposal: metal goods, brush & burnable wood products, furniture/mattresses etc. and see the attendant to dispose of items in their assigned areas.
Main facility located off East Ridge Rd.

Open Saturdays only
First Sat. in May thru last Sat. in Oct.
May 6, 2017 - October 28, 2017

7:30 am – 4:30 pm.
E-waste can now be disposed of M-F at the Town Office and Saturdays 7:30-4:30 at the landfill-transfer station while that is open.
​ When leaving E-waste at the Town Office you must first come into the office to fill out a form with your name, address, phone number and the number of items you are discarding. This new requirement has been implemented due to the excessive volume (5300) TVs that were dropped off at the Main Road storage facility during 2014-2015.  Any TV that has been disassembled, as the majority of the ones dropped off last year were, costs the town to dispose of them, for that reason the Town will not longer accept disassembled TV’s.

Attendant: Ben Honnell