Animal Control

For Animal Control issues, please cal the Penobscot Regional Communications Center @ 1-207-945-4636.

 For issues with wild animals please contact the Maine Warden Service at (207) 941-4440.

Important Documents

Maine Leash Law

Please keep in mind that there is a State of Maine leash law that Greenbush ACO's enforce. If your pet goes missing, notify the ACO in case she/he has already picked it up or so they can keep a watch out for it and return it to you rather than try to hunt for the owner and have to take it to the Bangor Humane Society if they are unsuccessful.

Dog Licenses

Maine requires that all dogs 6 months of age or older be licensed. To license a dog, you must have a current Maine rabies certificate. If the dog has been spayed or neutered, you must show proof from a veterinarian to receive the lower license fee. Licensing fees are $6.00 for spay/neutered dogs and $11.00 for unaltered dogs. A Kennel license is available for anyone that has a “pack or collection of dogs kept in a single location under one ownership for breeding, hunting, show, training, field trials and exhibition purposes”. A kennel license covers up to 10 dogs and is $42.00. A kennel license saves the dog owner/keeper money but they are required to be inspected at least once a year by the animal control officer of the town. There is a $25.00 late fee for any dogs who have not been re registered after January 1st of the year per dog.

Shelter & Water

Any domestic animal that spends his/her life outside needs to be protected from the weather during all seasons. Water must be available even if it means watering multiple times a day regardless of the season and storms. Snow and ice are NOT acceptable sources of water for any animal. Winter especially depletes an animal's body fat trying to stay warm so they require more food during the cold weather.

Shelter is mandatory for all domestic animals. A dog house/shelter must have 4 sides with an opening protected by a flap and a raised floor at least 4" above the ground. It must be large enough for the dog to lie down and turn around in and have some sort of bedding such as straw or hay to help maintain its body temp. Puppies and smaller breed dogs lack the ability to thrive in Maine winters even with shelter so can NOT be left outside. Livestock needs to have adequate shelter as well. Since different animals have different requirements and listing them all would require more space than is available here, please contact either one of us if you have any questions or would like further information.

Pets are companions to enjoy, please remember to make that relationship go both ways.