Planning Board

Planning Board meetings take place on an as needed basis. If you are interested in volunteering for a seat on the Planning Board, please contact the Town office at (207) 826-2050.

Current Board Members

  • Gilbert Viitala
  • Keith Kneeland
  • Gerri Johnson-Harvey
  • 4 Vacant Associate Member Seats

Purposes Of The Planning Board Are:

  1. Comprehensive plan implementation: To implement the policies and recommendations of the Greenbush Comprehensive Plan.
  2. Protection of the general welfare: To assure the comfort, convenience, safety, health and welfare of the present and future inhabitants of the Town of Greenbush.
  3. Preservation of the town character: To preserve and protect the character of Greenbush by dividing the town into districts according to the use of land and buildings and the intensity of such uses.
  4. Protection of the environment: To protect and enhance the natural, cultural, and historic resources of the town from unacceptable adverse impacts and to integrate new development harmoniously into the Town’s natural environment.
  5. Promotion of community development: To promote the development of an economically sound and stable community.
  6. Reduction of traffic congestion: To lessen the danger and congestion of traffic on roads and highways, limit excessive numbers of intersections, driveways, and other friction points, minimize hazards, and insure the continued usefulness of all elements of the existing transportation systems for their planned function.
  7. Balancing of property rights: To protect property rights and values by balancing the rights of landowners to use their land with the corresponding rights of abutting and neighboring landowners to enjoy their property without undue disturbance from abutting or neighboring uses.