Photo Gallery

Please contact the Town Office if you have pictures of Greenbush, past or present, that you are willing to share here. Pictures can be of people, places or events related to Greenbush.

Greenbush Old Home Day Reunion, 1924

These photos were scanned in sections from a panoramic photograph taken in 1924. You will see that if put together these sections would overlap. This was done to avoid missing anyone. The original was donated in 2010 to the Town by Brian Folster of Old Town.

Map of Greenbush, 1875

This is a copy of an 1875 map of Greenbush which gives the names and locations of families living here at that time.

Town Logo, 1984

In 1984 when Greenbush celebrated its sesquicentennial there was a contest held for the design of a town logo. Former resident and owner of Olamon Market, Nancy Tenney won the contest. Former town manager, Rob Littlefield is shown holding the flag.