Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Officer is available at the Town Office on Mondays from 8:00am - 4:00pm.  You can also reach the Code Enforcement Office by email at

Important Documents

Building Permit Information

Please come into the Town Office to obtain a copy of the Building Codes Ordinance, applications for all building, electrical & plumbing permits and to pay applicable fees.

A Building Permit is required before beginning the construction, alteration, addition or the replacement of a Building.  The Landowner or Lessee, architect, contractor or builder employed by such owner or lessee shall obtain a Permit covering such proposed work unless otherwise excepted by the Town of Greenbush Building Ordinance.

Building Permit Fees: Minimum $20.00 fee.  .20 cent a square foot for unconditioned space (not heated or cooled) and . 30 cents a square foot for conditioned space.  

External (septic system) and internal Plumbing permits are required prior to the construction of any new dwelling. Electrical permits ($25.00 fee) are also required prior to the construction of any new dwelling. ).

After the necessary Plumbing/Electrical Permits have been obtained, call the C.E.O. for a Site visit to your property. Lot line(s) and road set back distances will be obtained at this time by the C.E.O.

Additional special permits are required in the Flood Zones and in the Shoreland Zone areas of Town. Please contact the C.E.O. for this information.

New sites require the routine site plan for septic systems, the cost varies $100.00 plus.  

A driveway culvert may be required at your Building Site. Check with the C.E.O. for culvert information.

Modular/Double Wide/Mobile Home

Step 1: Check with C.E.O. Other permits may not be required.

Purchased New Modular/Double Wide/Mobile Home from a Dealer:

Step 1: Call C.E.O. for site visit to property. Bring copy of Sales Purchase Contract from Dealer. Complete application & applicable Plumbing Permits & Building Permit will be issued at this time.

Purchased Used Mobile Home from Private Individual in another community:

Step 1: Call C.E.O. for site visit to property. Must have a copy from Town Office that Mobile Home was purchased, a Property Tax Release Form that all Taxes due have been paid & no liens are on the mobile home. Complete Building Permit application and applicable Plumbing/Building Permit will be issued at Time of site visit.

The State of Maine has an Automobile Graveyard (no more than 2 unregistered/uninspected vehicles allowed in your yard) and Junk Yard statute that I have used to gain compliance in other towns.  Please note that campers cannot be occupied for more than 180 days a year and must show proof, with a receipt, of the facility that disposed their waste water to the Local Plumber Inspector.

Plumbing Cost Fee Schedule

Permits for Complete Disposal System & Variances

  • Engineered system $200.00
  • Non-engineered system $265.00
  • Primitive system (includes one alternative toilet) $100.00
  • Separate gray waste disposal field $35.00
  • Seasonal conversion permit $50.00
  • First-Time System Variance $20.00

Permits for Separate Parts of Disposal System

  • Alternative toilet (only) $50.00
  • Disposal field only (engineered system) $150.00
  • Disposal field only (non-engineered) $150.00
  • Treatment tank only (non-engineered) $150.00
  • Treatment tank (engineered system) $80.00
  • Holding tank $100.00
  • Other components (complete pump station, piping, other) $30.00

Permit fees for Internal Plumbing

  • Minimum fee includes up to four fixtures $40.00
  • Individual fixtures each -above four total $10.00
  • Hook up to public sewer $10.00
  • Hook up to existing subsurface system $10.00
  • Piping relocation with no new fixtures $10.00
  • Permit transfer $10.00

**Late permit fee: A person who starts construction without first obtaining a disposal system permit must pay double the permit fee indicated in the Table above.